Our General Conditions of Sale

The description of the accommodation is available on:

The rental rate includes the rental of the accommodation, the number of people (depending on capacity), bed linen and towels WITHOUT certain charges indicated. All "extra" (extra linen, room service, gift box) will be charged extra on site.

Parking: possible on site free of charge, at the external entrance of Entre Mer & Campagne which declines any responsibility in case of dispute.
Free Wi-Fi: ask for codes on arrival.
Ancillary activities: any free or paid activities mentioned in our brochure, on our website or in an email may, under certain circumstances, be modified or cancelled upon your arrival on the website. As such, our responsibility cannot be engaged.
Rates and taxes: the rates are in € (euros), VAT included at the rate in force at the time of its printing. Any change or change in rates and any changes in taxes applicable to your stay, on the date of billing, may be reflected in the price of your stay. Tourist taxes are not included in the prices shown.

By approving the following fields, you agree to validate a booking of tourist accommodation contracted between the undersigned:
The traveller(s), on the one hand (with your first and last names) and the owner(s), on the other hand:
Entre Mer & Campagne, represented by Mathilde Corvaisier, remaining 4 chemin du Triangle in Octeville sur Mer (76930).
The owner and the traveller(s) being collectively referred to as “The Parties”:

Conditions of the stay booked from Date (before 20h) to Date included (before 10h), or X Nights.

Price of stay: € (in euros)* (1) (2) (3),
(1) *excluding breakfast baskets (€12/ day/ person) and/or dinners (€25/ day/ person), Optional & Payable In Addition 24h in advance at the reservation.
(2) *excluding electricity invoiced at the actual consumption per meter counting down to €0.20/Kwh (beyond a consumption of more than 5 Kwh/day: average calculated on the stay)
(3) *excluding mandatory cleaning of 75€ / stay (included in some rates)

Tourist Tax Required Furnished 4**** / person over 18 years/ day: 2,25 €

General Conditions of Reservation: is agreed the following: Hereby, the owner consents a lease of seasonal dwelling relating to the property designated below under the conditions provided by the Tourism Code and this contract, to the holidaymaker who accepts them.

Article 1: Object and conclusion of the contract: The object of this contract is the rental of a single house thus determined:
° 1/1 Consistency of the Accommodation and destination of the premises: The rented premises are exclusively for seasonal use. They are not the primary residence of the traveller.
- 1/1/1 Housing address: 4 chemin du Triangle, 76930 Octeville sur Mer.
- 1/1/2 Living area, number and type of rooms: Living area: 37 m2/ Number of main rooms: 3/ Type of rooms: Living room + Kitchen + Shower room with toilet on the ground floor - 2 Bedrooms upstairs.
- 1/1/3: Access rooms and equipment:
- Rented premises incidental to housing -> enjoyment of a front terrace
- Equipment and accessories for common use -> entire garden reserved for the owners, private swimming pool of the owners accessible only by reservation in advance at least 24h in advance, from 10am to 6pm, from 1 May to 30 September.

This contract must be approved prior to the arrival of the tenants. In case of no acceptance, the deposit will be Non Refundable and the stay will be cancelled at the exclusive fault of the customer. However, the deposit is deducted from the final invoice of the stay in case of arrival in the place.
By validating the reservation, the customer confirms his willingness to book the accommodation and declares having read and accepted the present conditions of reservation, he is irrevocably contractually bound. Its acceptance cannot be questioned later. The customer will receive a confirmation of the reservation by email. The content of the booking confirmations is archived by the owners and is considered as proof of the customer’s consent to the booking contract and its date. This contract is concluded intuitu personae and cannot be assigned.
Article 2: Effective Date and Contract Term - Time of Arrival and Departure:
Effective date of booking: Date - from 15H
Booking end date: Date - Departure must take place before 10H
At the latest by this date, the traveller must have returned the keys to the owner and an inventory of the places of exit must be drawn up.
The customer signing this contract concluded for a fixed period will not be able under any circumstances to avail himself of any right to the maintenance in the premises at the end of the stay, beyond 10h (Ten Hours), UNLESS prior agreement with the owners. Beyond this term, the holidaymaker will be deprived of any title of occupation. In case of departure after 12h, without prior agreement, one additional night at € 179 will be charged to the tenants. The traveller must present himself on the day specified in his contract at the times mentioned above. The cottage is available from 15h and until 20h. Please inform the owners in case of EXCEPTIONAL arrival after 20h. In order to respect the personal life of the owners, arrivals after 22:30 are not accepted, unless prior agreement.
In case of interruption of the stay by the client, there will be no refund, the price corresponding to the total cost of the stay remaining fully acquired to the owners.

Article 3: Accommodation Capacity: The contract is established for a specific capacity of persons, i.e. MAX 4 Persons . If the number of guests arriving exceeds the capacity, the owners will systematically refuse additional travellers as well as access to the lodging. The instalments paid will not be refunded. In this case, the termination of the contract will be considered at the sole initiative of the customer. In case of departure of a greater number of persons than that refused, no refund may be claimed.

Article 4: Financial Conditions:
- 4/1 Stay: the amount of the reservation is fixed at X €, excluding charges for the stay: in Euros
30% deposit Mandatory: X € ( in euros)
- 4/2 Payment methods: The reservation is effective as long as the tenants have paid before the stay a Deposit received by the owners of 30% of the total amount of the stay at the time of the reservation. This amount will be deducted from the total amount payable. The total balance due during the fixed term of the rental is considered as flat rate, therefore the tenant will not be able to claim a decrease of that in case of late arrival. Payments accepted for the deposit are made via the secure banking payment solution integrated into the website Entre Mer & Campagne. The balance must be paid upon arrival in cash at the time of collection of the keys or Chéques Vacances Ancv Connect, for an application fee of € 30 additional to the total cost of the stay.

We do not accept payment by bank check at the entrance to the premises. Full payment of the stay before arrival recommended.

- 4/3: Security deposit: when the keys are handed over, the traveller pays the host a security deposit of 1000€. This amount will not yield interest. It will be returned by the host within 8 days at the latest after the return of the keys by the traveller once it has been found that (this list is not exhaustive):
- the balance of the stay and the rental charges have been paid in full
- no furniture, articles or linen is absent or degraded: Luminaires / Tables / Beds, cushions, sofas, chairs and armchairs (structure and covering), bed and toilet linen/ Household appliances/ Indoor furniture and garden furniture/ Indoor and outdoor lighting.
- ° the rented premises have not undergone any degradation: Floor and wall coverings / Paintings / Curtains or blinds / Heating appliances / Windows and doors / Sanitary facilities obstructed or deteriorated by the jet of unsuitable objects or products / Flower beds, trees and lawns …
- ) the rented premises are clean

Your accommodation must be restored and clean upon departure, as you found it upon arrival. Otherwise, it will be deducted from the security deposit: a fixed amount of cleaning (at the price of the cleaning package in force on the date of the stay plus 25%) for facilities cleaned insufficiently. Any unusual reclamation may be retained on the bond. The glass bottles are the responsibility of the tenant, and must be thrown in the containers provided for this purpose on the commune or the parking lots of supermarkets. The tenant is asked to respect the selective sorting and not to throw the bottles, plastic or cans in the domestic trash. The barbecue should be emptied and cleaned before departure.

Rentals are strictly non-smoking.

If the deposit proves insufficient to restore the rented premises to the condition mentioned in the statement of places of entry, the traveller undertakes to perfect the sum after the host has justified the amount. Replacement fee, if you have not been able to replace by yourself the objects broken identically -> Glass 2€, Plate 2€, Terrine charcutière 8€, Small terracotta cup 2€, Cup and sub-cup 2€, Dish gratin 8€, Covered 2€ each: knife, fork, small or large spoon, Other objects: with replacement value.
Immediately inform the owner of any damage and damage occurring in the rented premises, even if there is no apparent damage.

- 4/4: Charges: rental charges are payable in return for the services rendered in connection with the use of the rented premises, current maintenance expenses, rental repairs and taxes corresponding to services for which the traveller benefits indirectly. At the end of the stay, the holidaymaker must pay the owner the charges not included in the stay. The description and the amount are mentioned below, The following expenses will be paid according to actual consumption:
° Electricity above 5 Kwh/day, for an amount of €0.20 per KW/h
° Cleaning: The tenant will pay in addition a fixed amount equal to 75€ corresponding to the cost of cleaning and disinfection of the rented places (Airbnb rate)
° Tourist Tax: The tourist tax is a local tax paid in addition to the rental. It is collected by the owner on behalf of the municipality of Octeville sur mer and is then donated to the Public Treasury: 2,25 € x night x adult over 18 years or X € (in Euros)

For the same stay, customers may have paid different prices. Customers who have paid the highest price will under no circumstances be entitled to a refund of the price difference. Discounts cannot be combined with promotions.
The rental of accommodation implies the total acceptance of the conditions of sale by the contracting parties. As such, the customer declares to have read these general terms and conditions of sale before the validation of his rental.

Article 5: Insurance: The traveler is liable for all damages arising from it. He is required to be insured by a resort type insurance contract for these different risks. A certificate of insurance may be requested from him upon entry into the premises or failing that a certificate of honour, the latter having the obligation to report to the Owners within 24 hours any disaster occurred in the dwelling, its outbuildings or accessories.

Article 6: Inventory and inventory of furniture: At the time of entry and exit, a contradictory inventory will be established by the parties. An inventory and a detailed condition of the furniture shall be drawn up in the same form and in as many copies as of the Parties when the keys are handed over and returned. These documents, drawn up in contradictory and amicable fashion, shall be signed by the Parties and attached to the reservation. This inventory is the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning the inventory. The state of cleanliness of the lodging on the arrival of the Client must be noted in the inventory of the premises. The holidaymaker will make the lodging in the state of cleanliness mentioned in the state of the premises, even if a cleaning package is charged to the Client.
Lost Property: Lost property after the tenant’s departure will be shipped on request and against reimbursement of expenses.

Article 7: Obligations of the Lessor:

The Host shall have the following main obligations:
- Provide the holidaymaker with a decent accommodation which does not reveal obvious risks which could affect his physical security or health. In addition, the dwelling must include the elements that make it conform to the temporary dwelling destination.
- Deliver the leased premises in good working order and repair and the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working condition.
- Deliver leased premises equipped with a smoke detector.

Article 8: Obligation of the holidaymaker: The traveler is bound by the following obligations:
- Pay the balance of the booked stay and charges on agreed terms.
- Use peacefully the places and equipment according to the destination provided for in the contract and with respect for the neighbourhood
- Immediately inform the host of any damage or damage occurring in the rented premises, even if there is no apparent damage; this information does not bind the responsibility of the holidaymaker when the damage is not his personal fact.
- Do not change the rented premises and their equipment; if necessary the owner may request the restoration at the exclusive expense of the holidaymaker.

Article 9: Cancellation by the Customer: Any cancellation must be notified by registered mail A.R to the owners Mathilde & Stéphane Corvaisier, 4 Chemin du Triangle, 76930 Octeville sur Mer or by email to [email protected].
It is not possible to change the stay unless prior conditions. Any request to change the dates of stay will result in a cancellation of the first stay, the amount of which will not be refunded. It is however possible to cancel the stay, according to the terms mentioned at the time of booking.
- If the cancellation occurs + 72 hours before the planned date of stay, the deposit remains acquired to the owners. No claim of the balance of the price of the initially planned accommodation will be made.
- If the cancellation occurs - 72 hours before the planned date of the stay, the deposit remains acquired to the owners who reserve the right to claim the balance of the price of the stay initially booked.
- If the client does not appear before 22:30, on the day of the stay, the owners reserve the right to arrange their accommodation. The deposit remains acquired to the owners who reserve the right to claim the balance of the price of the stay initially booked. In any case, the deposit remains vested in the owners.

Article 10: Cancellation by the Owners: When before the start, the owners cancel the stay, they must inform the customer as soon as possible and ensure that the message has been received. The client is then fully reimbursed for the amounts paid. These provisions shall not apply where an amicable agreement is concluded for the purpose of acceptance by the buyer of a substitute stay proposed by the owners.
Cancellation and interruption of stay insurance: to obtain a possible compensation, we invite you to take out a cancellation or interruption of stay insurance at the time of booking.

Article 11: Prohibition by the Owners to provide the services provided for in the contract: When during the stay, the owners find themselves unable to provide a preponderant service provided for in the contract, a 2-night replacement stay will be offered to the client. In case of oral or written waiver by the latter to the proposed offer, no subsequent claim beyond 48 hours will be admissible.

Article 12: Pets: Our pets are not accepted in our accommodation for reasons of hygiene and tranquility. If the client does not comply with this clause, the refusal to accept the animals and its owners by the owners of the lodging can not be equated with a modification or a breach of contract at the initiative of the hosts, so that in case of departure of the clients, no reimbursement can be considered.
Respect for the animals of the property is the sinequanone of a harmonious stay. It is forbidden to enter the henhouse or to disturb the hens as well as the dog. It is forbidden to feed the dog that has a particular diet. The owners cannot be held responsible for the damage caused by the disturbed animals. In case of non-compliance of this clause by the customers, the owners will cancel or interrupt the stay. In this case, no refund will be made and the contract will be terminated due to the client’s wrongs for non-compliance with the conditions of the stay.

Article 13: Art de vivre et utilisation des lieux:
The respect of a certain art of living is required of all holidaymakers in order to guarantee the serenity of the places as well as the comfort of the guests and owners. Any customer is obliged to comply with the internal rules of the house under penalty of penalty up to the termination of the contract.
Guests must respect the peaceful character of the place and make use of it in accordance with its destination. DO NOT SMOKE in the whole cottage and DO NOT EAT in the rooms. The customer agrees to respect the instructions of knowledge-living included in the present general conditions and undertakes to make the accommodation in perfect condition at the end of the stay that is to say as he found it and to declare then assume financially any possible degradation which he could be responsible.
Children living in the “ENTRE MER & CAMPAGNE” property are under the sole responsibility of their parents.

- Bachelors and other such parties are not permitted in this establishment.
- Prostitution or any other priced sexual activity is prohibited in this establishment and the competent authorities will be immediately notified by the hosts, in case of doubt.
- Illegal downloads and the use of child pornography websites are prohibited.

In any case: you will be immediately denounced by the hosts to the competent authorities in case of finding and the stay will be immediately interrupted without possible refund of the nights not consumed.

Article 14: Customer Liability and Solidarity Clause: It is your responsibility to verify that the information you provide at the time of your booking or at any other time is correct. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact details you provide at the time of booking are correct and that they will allow you to receive confirmation of your booking. In the event that you do not receive this confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact the owners either by email or by telephone.
Travellers shall be jointly and severally and invisibly bound to perform the obligations of the contract.

Article 15: Responsibility of the Owner: The host that offers a customer services is the sole contact of this customer and is responsible to him for the performance of the obligation arising from the present conditions of sale. He cannot be held responsible for accidental cases, cases of force majeure or the fact of any person foreign to the organization or the course of the stay.

Article 16: Territoriality of the applicable legislation and jurisdiction: The Parties agree that this contract is governed by French law, including as regards the definition of jurisdiction. in case of dispute the commercial court of Le Havre (76) is competent.

Reference text: Articles R-211-3 to R211-11 of the Tourism Code (Law no. 2009-888 of 22/07/2009)